December 28, 2020 james

APA Annotated Bibliography

hey welcome to Robert’s library this is Amy and I want to talk to you guys about doing an annotated bibliography in APA style first thing I want to do is show you my contact information so if you have any questions during this assignment or project anything related to research or formatting please do let me know the first thing that I’m gonna do is go to google and I want to talk to you about the Purdue owl APA page so I’m just gonna type that in that’s how I always get their Purdue owl is a really extensive up to date resource that will tell you how to format your citations in APA style the left hand side talks about you know in your reference list how to list different types of sources so if you are citing an article from an online periodical if something that would be under electronic I think websites are probably on here as well scrolling down yeah look chapter section of a web document should be one somewhere for a here we go non periodical web documentary report you could say emails there’s lots of different options on their books of course different types of print sources other yep so interview stuff like that so that’s all available there Purdue owl APA so that is citing you know like here’s an example here just the reference entry for an item I actually went in I saw in another tab here I’ve googled APA sample annotation and this is from the Purdue owl as well but you can see here what they have is they’re gonna have the you know reference entry and then they’re going to have an annotation which is a brief summary of the work and how it might relate to your project so anyway a lot of times students want to know what an annotated bibliography looks like so here is an example of an entry for one and here I found an image of a page the where you would see multiple entries listed on a page so you can kind of see there’s the citation and then the blue section shows the annotation and I think typically about 90 to 110 words is what you want to aim for on the annotation but you do want to talk to your teacher and just ask them if they have specific guidelines for that so anyway that’s what that would look like


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